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Passion Window

Dominant in the lower half of the window is the chalise, symbolizing the institution of the Lord's Supper. Along with this are the stalks of wheat and the cluster of grapes, representing the bread and wine. Also at the bottom is the rooster, recalling Peter's denial of His Lord. To the right in the window are three drops of blood, showing the Savior's agony in the Garden of Gethsemane. Above this is the thorn branch from which the Lord's crown was made. Also pictured are the three nails, representing the crucifixion, as Christ was nailed to the cross. The passion cross with its pointed ends, shows the cross on which our Lord died.

Resurrection Window

Beginning at the bottom, the branch with the bursting pomegranate, symbolizes Christ's victorious burst from the death and the tomb. The alpha and omega, the beginning and the ending of the Greek alphabet, shows Christ as the beginning and the end of our life. Above this is the crown of gold, the crown of victory for the Savior's triumph over death. The butterfly symbolizes the glorious Christ as He rose from the tomb. Moving through the window is the Cross of Glory. Its rays, spreading out in every direction, tell to all, the glorious message of Easter.

Pentecost Window

The giving of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost was accompanied with the flames of fire. These flames are seen moving up through the lower part on the window. Seven flames are shown, symbolizing the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Coming down as from Heaven, is the dove with its halo, symbolizing the Holy Spirit. The cross is shown as the tri-parted fleuree. It shows three arms moving up and down, and three arms moving across the window, representing the Father, Son , and Holy Spirit.

Holy Trinity Window

This major Doctrine of  the Church is portrayed with the Cross and Triangle. The triangle is one of the familiar symbols used to portray the Holy Trinity. Each person of the Trinity is represented with a symbol. God,  the Father, the Creator is symbolized by the Decending Hand, showing the creative power of God. God , the Son, the Redeemer, is shown by the Branch, as the True Vine, in whom we must abide to receive Salvation and Eternal Life. God, the Holy Spirit, the Sancitifier, is shown as the Flame, who kindles the flame of faith in the hearts of all true believers.

        Annunciation Window

The lamb and banner portray Christ, the Lamb of the World, and the banner His triumphant victory over sin and death The large star and smaller stars symbolize God's promise to Abraham, the large star representing the Messiah and the small stars the descendants of Christ. The fluer-de-lis tells of the annunciation to Mary indicating the humanity of Christ.  The sun with its rays and monogram IHC symbolize the prophecy of Malachi as recorded in Malachi 4:2. The tau cross symbolizes the cross which Moses raised in the wilderness and is a preview of the cross at Golgotha.

Nativity Window

The daisy at the bottom with its white color symbolizes the purity and sinlessness of the Christ Child. Dominant in the central part is the manager, portraying the humbleness surrounding the Savior's birth. Over the manger is the tri-rad nimbus with the chi rho. The halo with its rays is the monogram for the name Christ. The ansate, or Looped Cross running through the window portrays life, the new life which is ours through the coming of Christ.


       Epiphany Window

Portrayed in this window are the symbols depicting the coming of the Wise Men. At the bottom left is the chest symboizing the presious gifts brought to Jesus. Above this are the three crowns representing the Wise Men. In the upper left is the Star with its rays running through the window, as it led the Wise Men to the Christ Child. Dominating the central part of the window is the cross crosslet, composed of the four Latin crosses, moving from the center in each direction, portraying the spread of the gospel to all the world.

Ministry of Christ Window

Moving up through the window on the left is a vine and leaves, symbolizing the relationship of the believers in Christ. "I am the vine, you are the branches." The rich brown at the bottom portrays the good soil of God's Word and the Christian growth that grows out of it. Perched on the vine, toward the top of the window are two doves, showing Christians abiding in Christ. On the right is the palm branch, portraying Palm Sunday and Christ's preparation for His passion. Above this is the orb and cross, the orb symbolizing the world with the surmounted cross portraying the triumph of Christ over the sin of the world. The cross patee represents the teaching ministry of Christ. The arms of the cross are narrow in the center and expand out toward the ends.





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